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Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation

A physical therapist is an expert in improving motion and mobility, sometimes due to a sustained injury. Making improvements in these areas may increase your ability to earn a living or pursue your activities of daily life. Additionally, since physical therapy is designed for both your immediate injury and long-term recovery, it can reduce the need for pain medication and the likelihood of re-injury in the future. The time when you are out of work can be stressful for yourself and your family, physical therapy can help you get back to work sooner after getting injured at work. Set goals to work towards to keep you motivated, and provide yourself with a reward as you make these accomplishments. We'll coordinate care and communicate with all parties to help ensure a successful return to work.

We offer innovative services offer efficiencies and achieve high levels of satisfaction for workers' comp rehab services through:

 Dedicated, highly trained staff
 Outstanding quality
 Diverse capabilities and services
 Encouraging, friendly environment
 Personalized communication on progress throughout rehab